And anxiety casts scary shadows

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It’s not just the lyrics, but the energy and delivery

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Five things in particular…

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How I Got Radicalized

As a child, I loved Disney princesses. As an adult, my concern goes beyond the problematic stereotypes

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Encouraging vaccination will take patience, accountability, and empathy — and these strategies

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Cyberchondria is real. And largely unhelpful.

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So much mistrust in vaccines stems from misinformation

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Our Covid-19 fears are valid. Imagine the fears of those who have to flee war, life-threatening bigotry, and certain death

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Covid-19 has thrown us a curve ball that only a few weeks ago, no one would have guessed would lead to this outcome.

This claim is unwittingly part of an agenda to position Whiteness as the beauty standard

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Make the process as enjoyable, or at least as tolerable, as possible

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Before you start writing

  • Think about whether you’re going to start writing during your PhD, or after data collection. While the latter isn’t ideal, it isn’t the end of the world. It’s also what I experienced (and many other…

Dr. Furaha Asani

Migrant. Postdoctoral researcher. Teacher. Mental Health Advocate. Writer. Professional in the streets, loud on the sheets of paper.

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