Officially my name is Furaha Florence Asani. Nicknamed ‘rooshie’ by my sisters. I’m currently a PhD student at the University of Sheffield Medical school, doing research in infection and immunity.

Just to prove that I actually do do lab work in between all my facebooking.

I am a perpetual student. This means that nearing 30, I am yet to have a full-time job. Judge away.

Writing is my passion- it’s something I’ve been doing since I was a child. I’ve only identified it as my desired career path over the last two years.

Some of the platforms I’ve written for include Stylish Academic, the University of Warwick PhD blog, TUoS ThinkAhead blog, and perhaps some others I’ve forgotten.

I read some of the things I’ve written in the past (stories or facebook posts or whatever) and realise (in some cases) how much my views have evolved, changed completely, or become more assertive. A writer I greatly admire has advised me to own even those stories of mine with views I no longer hold. I guess this is part of the process of growth.

Orisirisi (pronounced O-ree-she-ree-she) means ‘an assortment’ in Yoruba language. In Nigeria we fondly refer to different meats mixed up in the same soup/stew as ‘orisirisi.’ I feel this word describes my style of writing. A bit of different flavours and textures.

I have been publishing every day of 2016 on medium. I hope to continue for the entire year.

On a personal note…

I love high heels, and own a wardrobe full of them in all colours and combinations. They are currently collecting dust because my developing bunion won’t let me be tall -_-

Makeup is another true love of mine. My lust for lipstick knows no bounds.

Colours. And I’m not yet done.

Colossal mascara is one of the greatest finds of my life. I would willingly be a brand ambassador for this product!

Rapunzel lashes ❤

And I am over people telling me that I don’t have to walk out of my house without makeup. My foundation covers up my acne scars (stupid acne which I only developed in my early 20’s btw.)I feel more comfortable with foundation on. Period. I pray for the day the scars fade away (see how good I am with rhyming? I didn’t even do that on purpose :) .)

Things that keep me going include my faith (I love God and strive to keep getting deeper in our relationship), my friends and family, and the need for relevance (I need to know that my life has meant/means something…has impacted lives for the better.)

I miss my daddy every single day.

I’m very open about my struggles with anxiety and OCD, and look forward to sharing more about them on yet another platform shortly.

On the side I am also an award-winning (as of last night: 19th May 2016) tutor at my university, a very uncreative cook, obsessed with bags (pet peeve: when bags and shoes are too ‘matchy-matchy’)and a once-in-three-months-beverage-drinker. Refrigerated cheesecake is the only cheesecake allowed in my life.

I am who I am for today, striving to be better for tomorrow.

And my afro does whatever it pleases.

Cotton ball.

Stick around to read more ‘orisirisi.’

Migrant. Postdoctoral researcher. Teacher. Mental Health Advocate. Writer. Professional in the streets, loud on the sheets of paper.